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Meet Your Team Member: Meet One-On-One with a Davisware Team Member

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Monday, April 8th
7:30AM CST
7:50AM CST
8:10AM CST
8:30AM CST

Wednesday, April 10th
1:30PM CST
1:50PM CST
2:10PM EST

*Please do not book more than ONE 20-minute block with the same team member

GlobalEdge – Location: Linden Ballroom

New GE Consultants
Ken Albers, GE Consultant
Be sure to book some time with Ken, as he retires his GE User hat, and puts on a specialized GE consulting hat, bringing a vast wealth of knowledge and understanding of how to leverage GE in the most effective way to run your service/construction business. Take advantage of his 40+ years of business experience and book a one-on-one session today!

Dave Heutel, Data Visualization Consultant
A passion for reporting and analytics, paired with years of CFO experience, Dave has joined the GE Team in a focused role to help clients like you harness the power of your GE data by creating custom reports that you can use to run your business more effectively.    Do not miss out on this opportunity.   Book a one-on-one session with him to learn how he can help!

S2K/Vision – Location: Lilac

Wintac – Location: Arrowhead

Global Warranty & Other – Location: Hollyhock